NoticiasiPlace Network discussed the challenges and visions of sustainable tourism for small cities

iPlace Network discussed the challenges and visions of sustainable tourism for small cities

Up to 300 people from 12 different  countries from Europe have followed the second webinar online hosted by Medina del Campo, a city partner of the iPlace Project, where gathered different players of tourism sector to discuss the Sustainable Tourism.

The webinar joined different touristic stakeholders, from different countries, but facing similar challenges. For an hour, they discussed topics such as the challenges in the environment which will impact on tourism in small cities, the changes small cities can make to their tourism services and products more sustainable and the good practices to successfully implement sustainable tourism strategies.

The event started with the Introductions and Welcome by Juan González, from

Simón Ruíz Economic Development Centre, Municipality of Medina del Campo(Spain).

Afterwards, Alisa Aliti Vlasic – Urbact Expert, ULG Coordinator of Tourism Friendly Cities in Dubrovnik (Croatia) introduced the topic “Challenges for Sustainable Tourism”.

Later, it took place some presentations by european small cities case studies from iPlace Project partners: Gianluca Soldateschi, Manager of Le Orme Tour Guides of the Maremma Toscana, Municipality of Grosseto (Italy), Aivar Ruukel, Founder and Manager of Soomaa Tourism – guided trips to Soomaa Nature Reserve, Municipality of Parnu (Estonia) and Alberto Lorente Saiz, founder of CREA360, External Assistant in URBACT III City Centre Doctor Project – Municipality of Medina del Campo (Spain) with a participatory approach organizing the “Rennaisance Week” in Medina del Campo.

The event concluded with adiscussion panel with all speaker moderated by Alisa Aliti Vlasic.

It was streamed at Simón Ruiz CDE Facebook page and Youtube channel and shared at iPlace social media too.

iPlace is  a network of ten small cities from across Europe – Amarante (PT), Balbriggan (IE), Gabrovo (BG), Grosseto (IT), Heerlen (NL), Kočevje (SI), Medina del Campo (ES), Pärnu (EE), Pori (FI) and Saldus (LV) -, co-funded by the URBACT Programme, with the aim to find new niches for local economic development, in particular, to support their local entrepreneurial ecosystems.

If you want to access the presentations and materials, here you are the download links:

If you want to see the complete webinar, you can do it here